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Welcome to Fort Myers DPC, where your health is our priority. Our distinguished physicians, Dr. Kivit Lima and Dr. Nadezhda Gonzalez bring a wealth of expertise to our Primary Care Practice. For personalized and compassionate care, reach out to us during normal business hours at Ph: 239-313-7030.

Nadezhda Gonzalez, MD

Family Doctor, Fort Myers DPC

Dr. Nadezhda (Nadia) Gonzalez is a board-certified family physician, exemplifying excellence in healthcare. After graduating from the University of Havana School of Medicine in Cuba in 2007, she commenced her impactful journey in the USA in 2008. Dr. Gonzalez completed her family medicine residency at Saint Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in Chicago in 2017, marking the beginning of her dedication to comprehensive patient care.

Dr. Gonzalez’s professional journey has taken her through various clinical settings, including hospitals and outpatient family practice, shaping her into a well-rounded and experienced physician. Dr. Gonzalez’s passion for patient well-being extends beyond the physical, embracing a whole-person-based care philosophy that addresses emotional and spiritual facets of health.

Additional Information on Dr. Nadezhda Gonzalez:

  • Dr. Gonzalez is dedicated to ongoing education, and staying abreast of the latest advancements in family medicine.
  • Dr. Gonzalez actively engages in community outreach programs, emphasizing the importance of preventive healthcare.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, she ensures a culturally sensitive and inclusive approach to patient care.

Dr. Kivit Lima, MD

Family Doctor, Fort Myers DPC

Dr. Kivit Lima is a dedicated Family Physician with a remarkable journey in healthcare. Graduating from the University of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba, in 2002, he embarked on a mission to provide top-tier care. Upon relocating to the USA, Dr. Lima was able to showcase his commitment and fundamental clinical skills essential for safe and effective patient care.

His expertise extends beyond the traditional realm of Family Medicine, encompassing valuable experience in Hospital Medicine. Completing his residency at St. Mary Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Lima now practices Family Medicine in Fort Myers, striving to elevate the standard of healthcare.

Additional Information on Dr. Kivit Lima:

  • Dr. Lima’s diverse experience includes managing chronic diseases, mental health concerns, and urgent care needs.
  • Dr. Lima believes in proactive healthcare, emphasizing preventative measures to optimize overall well-being.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Lima ensures effective communication with a diverse patient base.

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