Benefits of Direct Primary Care with Fort Myers DPC & Wellness

Welcome to Fort Myers DPC, where we revolutionize healthcare through our Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. At the heart of our commitment lies the desire to create a limited patient roster, allowing us to deliver unparalleled care to a select few. Conventional family practice physicians commonly manage a caseload exceeding 2000 patients. In contrast, our practice maintains a smaller patient base, enabling us to deliver exceptional care with a focus on individualized attention. As a member, you’ll gain access to a range of benefits tailored to prioritize your health and well-being.

Personalized Primary Care in Fort Myers, FL

We offer a range of wellness and medical services to meet all your primary care needs. Our dedicated approach covers a spectrum of healthcare needs, including wellness exams, women’s health, sick visits, minimally invasive procedures, and aesthetics. Experience healthcare designed exclusively for you, where your unique needs are met with intention and care.

Flexible and Fee-Free Doctor Visits

As a member of Fort Myers DPC, you gain the flexibility to schedule appointments at your convenience, often securing a next-day visit without incurring any additional charges. Break free from the constraints of time and cost, and embrace a healthcare experience tailored to your schedule and needs.

Direct, Exclusive Fort Myers DPC & Wellness Doctors

Our commitment to your well-being surpasses rushed appointments. While the industry norm dictates 15-minute consultations, our appointments typically last around 30 minutes, ensuring a thorough understanding of your health concerns. In cases where extended discussion or examination is needed, appointments can even extend up to 60 minutes. Should a need arise throughout your week, you will have direct access to your primary care doctor via phone or text. Experience healthcare that invests time and effort in addressing your unique healthcare needs.

Minor Medical Labs and Procedures in Fort Myers

Transparency and inclusivity define our approach to medical procedures. Fort Myers DPC & Wellness members benefit from coverage for minor medical labs and procedures within their membership fee suchas minor suturing, cryotherapy, and skin biopsy. Our commitment to comprehensive care extends to these essential services. Any potential extra charges for specialized labs or procedures are communicated upfront, ensuring you are well informed about your healthcare choices.

Coordinated Care with Medical Specialists

Navigating specialized medical care is seamless with Fort Myers DPC. In instances where your health journey requires consultation with medical specialists, our practice ensures close coordination. Embrace a collaborative approach to healthcare, where your primary care and specialist teams work in harmony to provide the best possible outcomes for your health.

Discounted Medications

Affordability meets accessibility at Fort Myers DPC. Our in-house medication dispensary empowers us to provide medications at wholesale prices, often surpassing the cost-effectiveness of traditional pharmacy co-pays. For those on chronic medications, the potential savings may even exceed the entire membership fee, making healthcare both cost-efficient and accessible.

Affordable Labwork and Radiology

Fort Myers DPC has successfully negotiated competitive rates with national labs, enabling our members to access annual bloodwork at a fraction of the conventional cost. Furthermore, our commitment to affordability extends to radiology services, where members can benefit from an MRI for less than $450, a remarkable contrast to the average insurance cost of $2600.

Book Your Appointment Today

Choose Fort Myers DPC for a healthcare experience that elevates, educates, and empowers. Call us during normal business hours at Ph: 239-313-7030 to embark on a healthcare journey marked by personalized attention, comprehensive care, and unparalleled value. Your well-being is our priority!